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Sales is the only way we stay in business. It is one of the basic steps in the anatomy of business. And yet people get uncomfortable when they are asked to sell. They tend to forget that selling is all we have been doing our entire lives. The whole world is just about selling. And the best part is that there is no selling gene. Anybody can sell. Salesmanship is a skill that can be acquired. But it is essential. It is persuading someone to take an action that is favorable not only to you but to the buyer as well. What people do not understand is it is not the product you sell, it is the void you create by selling the need of the product, thereby generating demand. Businesses for companies are usually about getting the checks and not giving a crap about how the customer feels. I mean you have got to think “Is the customer really satisfied, will he or she come back next time?” That is the only motivation you need to keep working on your selling skills. “How to sell?” is one question that has no theoretical answer because it is one of the most realistic thing that happens. But why Apple Computers could sell music playing devices 54.3% better than DELL Computers. What did they have that Dell didn’t? Analytics state that selling is majorly based on the three golden circles of “WHY, HOW AND WHAT” We usually tend to wake up in the morning and know WHAT we have to do, and HOW we have to do but have no clue WHY are we doing it. We travel the path from outside to inside. But, Apple created Music playing device because for them it was the tool to unleash the human potential which is infinite. They knew WHY they did it. DELL on the other hand just did it anyway. So, If you want to sell and convert those into justified outputs, you need to ask yourself WHY. Then jump to HOW and WHAT.
So, always ask yourself WHY. Be enthusiastic about selling because very frankly a mediocre idea that generates enthusiasm will go further than a great idea that inspires no one. And last but not the least Take Care of your customer. Because if you don’t, your competitor will.

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