Color Psychology

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Have you ever noticed how we associate some colors immediately to a particular thing or person?
For example, anything pink is for girls and anything blue for boys. Anything that is white depicts peace and serenity and black boldness and resilience.
These are very small examples, which we use in our lives unknowingly. It is fascinating to see how simple colors can play with our minds to influence our choices
Let’s understand the broader picture now and try to figure out how color psychology matters in every little step of business.
From deciding the color of your logo to which color to paint your workplace’s wall, color psychology plays a major role. You need to research which colors actually depict the genre of your business the best and which would help you connect with your customers. If the brand color is used wisely, it can help you create your brand image and will play a major role in increasing your brand recall value.
As they say, “Overdose of everything is bad” and this is no exception. Over use of a color can also go against you. It can make your product look shabby and overdone. And so, it is always advisable to use a combination of two colors to maintain the composure and balance in your branding material. Choose those two colors which complement each other and will enhance the look of your product.
If you feel that color psychology works only in case of your customers, then you are underestimating its power. Colors affect human behavior and emotion to such an extent that they can help maximize yours and your workers/employees productivity as well. Creating a vibrant and encouraging environment for your employees is a must if you are looking for good results from them; using the right colors to decorate your workplace plays a major role in doing so.
Small changes can make large differences. And that is why my advice before I end is, “Never underestimate the power of color psychology. It might seem a small thing now, but it will definitely make large differences in profits later.”

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